Hiring A Concrete Cutting Service To Make Removing Large Concrete Slabs Easier

When you have a large piece of concrete to remove, it can be easier to cut it into smaller pieces then break it up with concrete breakers or jackhammers. Cutting the concrete requires specialized equipment and knowledge of how to use it. Hiring a company to help you cut the concrete is typically the best option.

Finding A Concrete-Cutting Service

Finding a service the help cut the concrete is the first step in removing a large slab we're cutting through a large wall of concrete. Concrete-cutting services can cut slabs on the ground, vertical walls, and even some angle concrete work.

While there may be multiple services in the area, check with each company, outlining the work that you need to be completed. It may be helpful to have the cutting company come and look at the job and give you a quote as well. You may want to check with other contractors that have used these services and find out if they were happy with the work they did for them as well. 

Cutting Access Holes

Cutting holes in concrete walls or a slab will allow contractors to run plumbing, electrical conduit, and air ducts through the concrete wall or floor. If the contractor is updating an old building, they may have no other choice then to cut holes to run the lines where they need to go. 

The concrete-cutting company can help you decide the best place to put the holes to limit stress on the building or structure. If you are cutting more than one hole in the concrete structure, it is a good idea to have an engineer review the plans of the building and verify that the holes will not weaken the building. 

Trenching Under A Slab

Another common use for concrete cutting is to remove a section of concrete to allow access under it. Several cuts can be made in the slab and the material removed to expose the soil underneath. Once the concrete has been cut, the sections can be removed and pulled out of the trench. The concrete can then be crushed for recycling. 

Once the contractor has completed their work, they will fill in the trench with soil and then pour a new slab over the area that was removed. The concrete will connect to the old concrete on either side of the trench. The cutting service may have cut several holes that need repair, but if they are cut correctly, repairing them will be possible. 

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