New Home's Doors Refuse To Shut? Call A Foundation Specialist Now

Buying a new home should be an exciting and unforgettable experience that introduces you to a great new living environment. Unfortunately, your new house's doors won't shut and continue to pop open at the worst times. This situation — which might seem humorous at first — is indicative of issues that require foundation repair specialists to manage.

Poorly-Closing Doors Are an Advanced Sign of Foundation Problems

When your doors are properly installed, they should close easily without any problems. Closing them should bring the door flush with the frame and keep it tight as possible. However, foundation problems can cause a shift in the structure of your home that may make your doors harder to close.

Even worse, your doors may not only struggle to fit in your frame but continue to pop open due to foundation issues. This problem is a worrying sign because doors that continue to open or which won't go shut at all typically indicate a foundation problem that will only get worse.

These Issues Typically Worsen Over Time

As your foundation strength degrades, your door will struggle even more. For example, you may find that your door frame is so warped by foundation issues that the door no longer fits inside. This situation typically occurs when you let foundation damage spread even further.

Damage to a foundation is a serious issue because it rarely stays stable for long. Instead, your foundation is likely to shift and sink even more as time passes, further complicating your home. By this point, cracks in the walls may be likely and other problems may occur that make your home nearly unlivable.

Repair is a Critical Step

If your doors now fail to close — and if you see other signs of problems with your foundation, like cracks in the walls and warped floorboards — you need to contact a foundation repair service right away to get an immediate inspection of the problem.

The contractors from this service will not only examine your home — including your doors — as symptoms of a weak foundation but assess the strength of the foundation at the same time. Once they understand where the weakness is developing, they can take steps to properly manage it.

So if you just bought a new home and are already noticing the doors failing to shut, don't hesitate to contact a foundation repair company right way. The individuals at the company will find out what is wrong with your home and take proactive steps to repair it as well as possible.