3 Ways To Up The Art Deco Appeal Of Your Outdoor Living Space With Concrete

Your plain-Jane patio is an outdoor living space, sure -- but it could really use a lot of sprucing up to make it more inviting and more of an extension of the interior of your artistically designed home. If you want to up the Art-Deco appeal of your outdoor patio, concrete is a material that makes it easy to achieve. Take a look at some of the reasons that is the case. 

Install a built-in firepit in a geometric shape. 

Fireplaces are all the rage these days in outdoor living design, and there are so many fun ways that you can play with the whole idea of having a stationary place to have a fire. Of course, you could always pick up an Art Deco-style firepit at a local home improvement store, but it is way more fun to have a firepit custom built as part of your patio design. You can work with a concrete contractor and design a firepit in a specific geometric shape. For instance, a triangular firepit would look pretty snazzy amid a concrete patio platform with rounded edges. 

Eliminate the typical rectangular slab layout and opt for something else. 

Walk out onto an average concrete patio and what do you see? Nine times out of ten you are likely going to find a patio that is laid out in a traditional square or rectangular shape. The fact is, installing concrete in this shape seems to make sense for traditional homes, and it can also be more cost effective because fewer forming materials are involved in the process. However, if you want to go for something that is a little more artistic, there is no limit to the actual perimeter shapes you can go with. For instance, you can have a flowing slab that boasts curves like a puddle of water, or an octagonal slab for a funky design. You can contact companies like Curb Design for more information.

Integrate concrete half-pillars at pertinent points of the patio. 

Half-pillars are concrete pillars that are not really designed to support a roof or awning; instead, they are more of an aesthetic implement to draw attention to certain design points. For example, concrete half-pillars could be implemented at the entryway to the patio from a garden area, or just at the corners for added appeal. These pillars can boast all kinds of designer features to up that Art-Deco draw of the space, but they can also support things like light fixtures.