5 Benefits Of Ready Mix Concrete

Concrete is one of the most important construction materials in the United States at the moment. Most of the buildings that are going up, from simple garages to the tallest skyscrapers, use concrete in one way or another. Traditionally, concrete has always been mixed at the site, not too far from where it's to be poured.

However, it's now possible to purchase ready mix concrete which is mixed elsewhere and transported to the site only when it's time to pour the concrete. What are the advantages that come with this?

Quality Control

One of the main challenges when working with concrete is that it's sensitive to changes in composition and mixing conditions. A slight alteration in the material quantities or lower than ideal mixing temperature can compromise the quality of the concrete and the strength of the building.

With ready-mix concrete, the concrete is produced using sophisticated machinery that carefully measure the ingredients and maintain certain conditions during mixing. The end result is greater consistency in the quality of the concrete.

Lower Labor Costs

If the concrete has to be mixed on site, you will have to pay for the labor needed to do the mixing. This can also take labor away from other activities. Controlling labor costs is one of the main challenges any project manager will have to deal with.

No Need to Worry About Storage

If concrete is to be mixed on site, you'll have to accumulate significant material quantities on-site beforehand. Depending on the size of the project, you may not have enough space for all this material. Additionally, some materials are harder to store since they must be kept in controlled conditions e.g. cement. Ready-mix concrete gives you the comfort of not having to worry about how you'll store materials.

Less Waste

Another challenge that is encountered in many construction projects is the waste of materials. Measurements for on-site mixes are frequently inaccurate. This usually means using more material that is necessary. If the mix is wrong, you may have to discard of the whole batch.

Ready-mix concrete is produced under controlled conditions, with the ingredients being carefully measured. This reduces the possibility of getting a bad mix or using more ingredients than is required.

Less Dust

Another problem with mixing concrete on site is that you may end up with cement dust everywhere. When the concrete is mixed off-site, you don't have to worry about this problem.

To get the best results, as with any concrete project, you will want to work with a general engineering contractor who can help you get the timing, material needs, and engineering process exactly right to promote a safe and cost-effective finished product. Contact a company, like Cen-Cal Paving, Inc., for more help.