Three Uses For Core Drilling That May Surprise You

Core drilling removes a round sample of material from a larger piece of material. Many people think that this process is used for only one or two purposes, but in fact, it has multiple applications. The following uses for core drilling may surprise you. 

Removing Concrete to Fill a Core Hole With Reinforcing Materials

If a concrete wall is crumbling or bending, you may hire a concrete contractor to fix it. To fix the problem, the contractor may use the services of a core drilling company like Greene Concrete Cutting Inc to drill holes in key locations in the wall. Then the holes that are left behind are filled with a reinforcing material, often rebar or something similar. Fresh concrete fills in the spaces around the reinforcing material to hold it all in place. 

Taking Ice Core Samples

Taking a massive ice core sample is done for research purposes. The researchers might want to know what is present in the ice, what lived in the water-turned-ice centuries ago, or whether or not there are signs of oil under the ice at the bottom of the sea floor. None of this research would be possible without a very large core drill that can drill a core straight down in a vertical manner for several feet to several hundred feet. 

Forensic Investigations

When it is suspected that there may be a body in a wall or under a floor, forensic investigators do not want to utterly destroy the wall or floor to get a look inside or underneath. Hence, they drill a core sample through these surfaces to provide them with enough room to slide a borescope inside and get views, video, and images of what exists in these spaces. If nothing is really there, then the holes are small enough that they can be patched. If something is there, then the team can very carefully rip out the wall or rip up the floor to get to the body. This includes bodies that have been encased in concrete floors and driveways prior to these slab areas being poured. 

Call a Contractor If You Want This Service

Core drilling is a skilled service. It is not something you can pick up and learn overnight, and it's not something you can just DIY. If you want and need a core drilling service for whatever reason, call a contractor that can do it. He or she can have the job done in no time at all with minimal damage.