Mixed Concrete Services: Understanding What These Servcies Are And When You Might Use Them

When you hear someone talk about "mixed concrete services," it can mean "mixed concrete" for certain uses. However, you can also think of it as referring to the different services that concrete contractors can provide. So, what exactly is involved here, and when would you hire a contractor that uses mixed services for concrete? The answers to those questions are as follows.

Mixing Concrete at the Intended Site of Use

Concrete is a funny substance. If you try to mix it and bring it to the site where you intend to pour it, the crew has to work extremely fast to prevent misshapen and lumpy slabs of concrete. You could also end up with partially dried concrete coming out with the wet concrete, which is almost impossible to smooth out and make it appear nice. Hence, one of the services these contractors provide is mixing small to large batches of concrete on the intended project site, rather than pre-mixing it and trying to truck it into the site and risk some hardening before the concrete gets there. 

Pouring New Concrete

New concrete pouring is just one of the many basic services provided. If you do not have any concrete on a driveway or walkway, the contractor and his or her crew can pour the freshly mixed concrete in these areas after these areas have been prepped to receive the concrete. It will be smoothed out, and then if you want any sort of concrete decoration, that will be applied immediately. 

Stamping Concrete

Stamping concrete for decorative purposes is another service these contractors offer. A lot of homeowners really love the fact that they can get a pattern stamped into the wet concrete before it dries, thereby saving time and money because they are not buying stones or bricks to squish into the wet concrete. The stamping goes rather quickly, of course, to avoid missing some areas when the concrete dries faster than expected. 

Raising Concrete Slabs and Concrete Repair

As your driveway, walkway, patio, or sidewalk begins to shift down or up because of the shifting earth underneath, it will create cracks and breaks in these concrete structures. Concrete contractors can raise slabs to make uniform heights so that you do not trip and can fill cracks to avoid injury. If the slab needs to be cut and removed to repair it, the contractors provide this as part of the repair service as well. 

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