Four Ways to Protect and Preserve Your Sidewalks

If you're going to have a sidewalk constructed in front of your home, you'll want to take proper care of it. Sidewalks are an important addition to any home. They provide a safe walking path for you and your neighbors. They also protect your landscaping by keeping people off your yard. To help maintain your sidewalks, here are some tips you'll need to follow.

1. Keep Your Sidewalks Clean

If you've decided to construct your own sidewalks around your property, you'll need to keep them clean. You don't want people to trip and fall on the debris that gathers. Not only that, but clean sidewalks make your home look better. A good rule of thumb is to sweep your sidewalks at least once a week and wash them about once a month. You can wash your sidewalks using your hose and a broom. Simply apply a small amount of water to the surface of your sidewalks and use your broom to scrub away the dirt.

2. Trim Your Trees and Shrubbery

If you have trees and shrubbery growing near your sidewalks, be sure to keep them trimmed. Low-lying trees can pose a risk to your neighbors as they pass by your home. Shrubbery that extends out past the sidewalk reduces the amount of available walking space. Not only that, but overgrown trees and shrubbery can make it difficult to keep your sidewalks clean.

3. Conduct Weekly Inspections

If you'll have a sidewalk in front of your home, you'll want to conduct weekly inspections. Taking too long to inspect your sidewalks could allow minor issues to turn into major problems. During your inspections, look for areas where tree roots may be pushing up through the concrete or unusual moisture deposits are appearing in the concrete. The moisture could indicate that you have a leaky pipe under your sidewalk. You also need to watch for cracks and chips in the concrete.

4. Have Damage Repaired Quickly

If you discover problems with your sidewalk during your inspections, it's important that you have the damage repaired as quickly as possible. Cracks in your concrete can cause serious injuries, especially if someone trips and falls over them. Not only that, but issues such as cracks and excess moisture can cause your concrete to degrade and crumble. To avoid injuries, and to extend the life of your sidewalks, take are of repairs as soon as the problem is identified.

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