Inspection And Repair Of Your Homes Foundation

The foundation under your home can be made using several different methods. A block and mortar design is typical in some places, and a poured concrete in others. Damage to either type of foundation is a problem that needs to be addressed right away. 

Cracks or Shifting

One of the most common problems that arrises with foundations is cracking in the side walls. The cracks may be tiny and not structural, but if not dealt with, they will expand and become a weak point in the foundation. 

Small cracks let water seep in, and over time, the water erodes the concrete, opening up the crack, and weakening the wall. The bigger the crack gets, the more water can get in, and the faster the damage can progress. 

Inspection of the Foundation

If you suspect there is a problem with the foundation under your home, call a contractor that specializes in foundation work. The contractor will come to the house and inspect the foundation for you and give you an estimate for the repair.

Sometimes the fix is minor, and other times the entire foundation needs to be replaced, but the final determination will come after a full inspection. 

Repairing the Foundation

Once the work starts on the foundation, the contractor will most likely have a dedicated crew working at your house daily until the job is complete. The crew will dig around the foundation to expose the outside of the concrete or blocks so they can begin the repair. 

If the crew is replacing the entire foundation, they will dig further out from the house, so they have room to place jacks and blocks under the house to support it while they remove the old foundation.

Once the new foundation is in place, the house will be set on it and the jacks removed. This is an excellent time to have the foundation painted or sprayed to waterproof the concrete or blocks since it is already accessible.

Installing Drainage

Another excellent idea is to install a french drain around the house before the foundation is backfilled. The drain involves burying some gravel, a perforated pipe, and more gravel on top. The water will drain through the gravel and into the pipe then run off into the ground.

A french drain is an effective way to keep the water from eroding the concrete again and can help handle the water from gutters or the roof during heavy rain or in the spring with snow is melting.

For more information, contact a local foundation repair company.