Two Ways To Cut Concrete

When concrete is poured, most people think that it's going to be permanent and no one is going to need to move it, at least not for a long time. However, it isn't necessarily that easy. There are times that concrete is going to have to be cut, even if it has been recently poured. There are different ways that concrete can be cut. 


One option is to use a jackhammer. These hammers are heavy-duty powered tools that look like really heavy pogo sticks. They are generally powered by air compressors. The way that they work is the operator holds the handles of the hammer and holds it vertically over the area where the cut needs to happen. When it is turned on, the hammer part of the tool starts to go up and down and will break up whatever concrete happens to be under it. Using this method to cut into concrete generally doesn't give a nice, neat cut — it will tend to pulverize the concrete in the area where it is being used. That can be a benefit if the concrete is going to have to be moved anyway. 

Concrete Saws

Another option is to use a concrete saw. These are generally big circular saws with very strong saw blades that are often tipped with things like carbide or industrial diamonds so that the teeth are even stronger and can cut into the concrete longer. The blades are set into a variety of types and sizes of heavy equipment so that concrete can be set in a variety of settings and so that varying thicknesses can be easily cut. For example, if a homeowner needs to cut some cement in their patio or foundation, they are only going to need to have a handheld pushable machine that will be able to get into the small places where they need to cut. But, that won't be the best tool to cut a lot of concrete in places like roads or large buildings. For those places, a heavy-duty cutting blade that is set into a tool that can be hooked onto some kind of construction tractor would make sense because it can more efficiently cover large areas. 

Cutting concrete, no matter how it's done, is going to be a loud and dirty job. Having the right kind of cutting tool to make it happen will it easier for it to be done as easily as possible. Contact a concrete cutting service like KC Coring & Cutting for more information.