Avoiding Major Roofing Problems And Damages

Protecting your home from roof damage will require you to be informed and proactive. Unfortunately, a new homeowner will often lack the type of experience that is needed to avoid roofing problems. After you buy your first home, there are some basic steps and tips that will help your roof to avoid many of the most common issues and damages.

Check For Drafts

Drafts are major problems for roofs, as this will lead to the energy efficiency of the house plummeting, and it can also lead to damage occurring as the gaps that allow the drafts can also allow moisture into the home. A thorough inspection and draft check will allow for these gaps to be closed. In most instances, this type of check will have to be done by a professional, as these drafts can be difficult to locate without experience and the right equipment.  

Opt For A Cool Roof

When you are needing to upgrade or replace your home's roof, you may want to opt for a cool roof. These roofs will utilize materials and colors that are less likely to absorb heat from the sunlight. This can make the roof less likely to contribute to unwanted interior warming. While some people assume that this type of roof is only useful for homes in tropical or otherwise hot climates, it can be useful for homes with fairly moderate weather as well. This is due to the fact that roofs in otherwise moderate climates can still become extremely hot after long periods of being exposed to intense sunlight.

Perform A Damage Check After Each Storm

Following major or severe storms, your roof should be inspected for damage. It can be easy to overlook minor damages, but they can still pose a problem. For example, high winds can cause puncture holes in the roof that might be easy to overlook without a thorough inspection. When inspecting the roof, the interior ceiling should also be checked, as leaks can cause water stains on the roof.

Replace Corroding Or Warping Flashing

Flashing is important for keeping moisture and other substances out of gaps that may exist between the roof and the home. Unfortunately, flashing that is damaged through corrosion or warping will be unable to provide effective protection. However, this will not be a major issue, as replacing damaged flashing is an affordable repair that will likely only take a few hours to complete. During this repair, the area near the flashing should be inspected for damage as it will need to be promptly repaired to fully restore the house.

Contact a local roofing company for more information.