2 Tips To Remove A Concrete Slab And Tips To Make The Area Underneath Look Great

If you have a large concrete slab in your yard that you do not use and no longer want, there are many options to remove it. Two of these options are listed below. When you remove the slab, the area underneath the concrete will be in bad shape, however. Fortunately, you can get this area looking healthy again. Below is more information to help you get started with this project.

1. Remove Concrete Slab

Because it is a large slab, you should hire a professional to remove it for you. They can do this by concrete cutting. Dry concrete cutting is often used for this purpose. This type does result in a lot of dust, however. This means dry sawing is generally only used for removal of concrete that is outside. A diamond blade is used. This is because a diamond blade does not heat up while cutting, which means the contractor does not have to stop and cool the blade down during the process. Therefore, the concrete contractor can remove the slab even faster.

When using the draw sawing technique, the saw makes quick and small cuts. The contractor will cut deeper into the concrete as they cut, which further helps prevent overheating. This type of sawing works especially well for flat surfaces, such as a concrete slab. When the contractor is finished, they will manually remove any leftover concrete and clean the area for you.

2. Take Care of Ground

When the concrete contractor is finished, you can use a shovel to remove the top layer of soil. This will ensure no concrete pieces are left. Once you do this, mix in some compost to make the soil healthy. You can then plant grass seed to cover the area. When planting grass seed, make sure you plant the same type of grass that you have. If you are not sure, take samples of grass to a garden center, and they can tell you what seeds you should purchase.

If you do not want to plant grass, you can plant flowers in this area. Get the soil ready in the same way by adding compost. Choose flowers that will grow well in this location. For example, if the area gets mostly sun throughout the day then plant only full-sun flowers. There are also shade flowers and part shade flowers.

Contact a concrete contractor today to learn more about concrete removal options.