Is The Foundation Under Your Home Failing?

Do you have lots of odd things going on around your home, and you just can't explain what's going on? Here, you'll find a short list of problems that a failing foundation can cause. Hopefully, the information will help you identify any problems before they become more serious.

Wet Basement

Is your basement wet after it rains? This is typically the first sign that homeowners notice, and if caught early, it may be the sign that prevents the damage from extending into the rest of the home.

That wet basement could be the result of a failing foundation. If the water isn't coming up through the floor drains, the water is seeping in through the concrete or cracks in the concrete. This will eventually result in mold growth that can be sickening or even deadly.

If you've noticed moisture in your basement, get a dehumidifier running and call a foundation repair professional for an inspection. This is not the type of thing that will just stop being a problem — it will get worse with each passing year.

Stuck Doors and Windows

Have you been struggling with doors and windows sticking as you open and close them? When foundation damage become fairly extensive, it can cause the home to shift. When the home shifts, the window and door frame change shape — they are no longer truly square. This means that the doors and windows in the frames will not be able to open and close as they should. Do not ignore this issue — if the foundation continues to shift, the entire home could be in jeopardy as well as everyone living in it.

Deck and Stairs Pulling Away

If you have a deck or stairs that have begun to pull away from the house, the problem might not be with the deck or stairs — it could be that the foundation has shifted enough to leave a gap between the home and the deck or stairs.

If you've noticed this issue, please stop using those stairs or deck. The integrity of the support system is now compromised and the entire unit could fall from beneath you.

These are just some signs that there are problems growing in your foundation. Don't ignore these issues or your situation will become harder to recover from. Look online for a local foundation repair expert on sites like to discuss an inspection and create a plan to repair the damage that has already been done.