Old Houses, Foundation Problems, And You As The Owner: Things To Know

Foundation problems in older homes are a common thing, but they are definitely not a welcome issue if you happen to own an older house. In the event you do own a house that is old and has an ailing foundation, there are a few things you should keep in mind. 

Some foundation repairs will lead to a need for internal repairs. 

If you have not noticed a lot of problems with the interior of your old house in spite of foundation problems, there is a good chance the foundation was neglected and interior cosmetic repairs were done. In other words, someone likely made repairs around the shifting foundation. For instance, if the foundation sunk on one end of the house, a prior owner may have simply built up the floor with a leveling medium or material to make it seem less obvious.

Unfortunately, during the foundation repair, these kinds of cover-ups can become so obvious that they have to be repaired. In the aforementioned example, jacking the foundation back to where it should be can cause that part of the floor to sit far too high. 

You may pay more for foundation repairs for an older home. 

It is important to keep in mind that repairing the foundation in an older home can be a little more costly than repairing a foundation in a newer structure. Unfortunately, it is more likely that something could go wrong during the repair process.

Additionally, more time has to be taken to do the work, more attention has to be given to the process, and more equipment can be involved in the repair process. All of these factors can mean a more costly project in the end, and some up-front estimates could likely be subject to change.

Foundation issues can lead to an old house being condemned. 

If you own an old house that has foundation problems, you have to know that in some cities, your property could be at risk of being condemned. In urban areas where other structures are situated nearby, a collapse of your home can put others in danger.

Therefore, it is absolutely critical that you get any issues you have tended to as soon as you recognize you have a problem. Once a house has been condemned by the city, it is very hard to get them to change their minds.

Foundation contractors can help give you the peace of mind you need when it comes to your home!