3 Common Types of Concrete Sawing Techniques ad Their Benefits

Concrete sawing is the process of cutting and making openings on concrete, especially reinforced concrete. It is part of the construction process, and it has its benefits and demerits. The main reason contractors may opt to cut your reinforced concrete during the construction process is to create controlled expansion joints. When shrinkage happens to sawed concrete, it does not lead to cracks and other damage.

When it comes to concrete slab sewing, choosing the right contractor is critical. Ensure that they know the ideal sawing methods that provide excellent results. Here are three common concrete slab sawing techniques you need to know.

1. The Use of Dry Concrete Sawing

Professional concrete cutters do dry sawing when the concrete is advanced in the curing process. Dry sawing leads to enormous dust clouds, and thus might not be suitable for indoor projects. The dust produced takes a while to settle, and it might stain your walls, floor, and other surfaces in the home.

In that case, dry sawing is ideal for outdoor construction projects. The contractors use diamond blades in the sawing process because, unlike other sawing materials, they don't get hot due to the heat and friction.

2. The Use of Wet Concrete Sawing

The second commonly used technique is wet sawing. Here, the concrete slab cutting service cuts your concrete when it is still wet. The process is a little simpler than dry sawing because the concrete has not hardened. The method also uses water, which keeps the sawing blades cool and minimizes dust production.

Wet concrete sawing is the most popular sawing method all over the world. You should first have the sawing contractors check the project site to determine whether it qualifies for the wet sawing procedure. Wet sawing is also friendlier to the environment than the other methods and results in less mess to clean up.

3. The Use of Concrete Wire Sawing

The third professional method used to create spaces in concrete is wire sawing. The experts use a wire saw to create very accurate cuts through your concrete. The method is an excellent choice when you want to create a wide variety of shapes and sizes on your concrete slab. The method also has extremely high precision, and it does not result in vibrational cracks and other similar damage.

These are the main techniques used to create openings on poured concrete slabs. Speak to a trusted and experienced concrete slab sawing contractor to get further details about the processes. A professional contractor will inspect the site to determine the most suitable methods to produce quality results and minimize collateral damage.