A Concrete Lifting Contractor Can Repair The Hazardous Walkway On Your Church Grounds

If the concrete walkway leading to your church building has a sunken slab, the uneven area might be a trip hazard. Since you may have elderly people attending your church as well as people in wheelchairs, the sidewalks should always be in good repair. You might think repairing a sunken slab would be a disruptive and expensive process, but that's not the case. If the concrete slab can be lifted and leveled, you won't have to replace the sidewalk. Here's a look at how concrete lifting might be done on your walkway.

Discuss Your Options With A Contractor

Talk to a concrete lifting contractor to see if your walkway can be repaired with polyfoam injections. The contractor may need to uncover the cause for the sinking first. Water is often to blame, and the good thing about poly foam repairs is that the foam can be used even in wet conditions.

One of the goals of concrete lifting is to fill the voids under the walkway that caused it to sink. Another goal is to raise the concrete and make your walkway level. If the contractor agrees that poly foam jacking would work for your walkway, then you can avoid a lot of noise and heavy equipment on your property that goes along with other types of concrete repairs.

Drill Holes In The Walkway

When your contractor inspects your walkway, they determine the best locations to inject the foam solution. Then, small holes are drilled in the concrete. When the work is finished, the holes are filled in so they are barely noticeable.

Inject The Expanding Foam

Polyfoam is ideal for lifting concrete because it's easy to work with. The contractor injects liquid into a hole in your walkway and the liquid turns to foam due to a chemical reaction. The foam expands, and as it expands, it lifts the concrete slab. The movement of the walkway is controlled by injecting the liquid in short bursts. This makes it possible to get the concrete level.

As the foam expands under the ground, it spreads and fills in depressions and voids in the soil so the walkway has something solid to rest upon. This type of concrete lifting is fairly fast, and you can use your walkway as soon as the contractor finishes up.

Lifting concrete with foam is fast and convenient, and it makes your walkway safe again. Plus, the concrete lifting process isn't too disruptive, which is nice if the work will be done while activities are going on at your church. Reach out to a professional for more information about concrete lifting