New Home's Doors Refuse To Shut? Call A Foundation Specialist Now

Buying a new home should be an exciting and unforgettable experience that introduces you to a great new living environment. Unfortunately, your new house's doors won't shut and continue to pop open at the worst times. This situation — which might seem humorous at first — is indicative of issues that require foundation repair specialists to manage. Poorly-Closing Doors Are an Advanced Sign of Foundation Problems When your doors are properly installed, they should close easily without any problems.

3 Things You Can Do If You Have A Sinking Concrete Air Conditioner Pad

Outdoor air conditioning units are not designed to sit on the dirt. They are designed to sit on concrete pads, which protect them from moisture from the ground and help keep the air conditioning unit as level as possible. Although concrete pads are really sturdy, over time, especially if there are changes to the ground and conditions around the concrete pad, the concrete pad may start to sink. When the concrete pad starts to sink, there are three things you can do.

Not All Foundation Cracks Are The Same: What Type Of Crack Do You Have?

When it comes to foundation cracks, homeowners sometimes think of the damage in more of a one-size-fits-all way. However, all foundation cracks are not the same, nor do they arise for the same reasons. It's crucial you understand what type of break you have on your hands before you move forward with repairs. Horizontal Cracks If you see a horizontal crack in your foundation, schedule a repair right away. The foundation provides structural support for a building.

2 Tips To Remove A Concrete Slab And Tips To Make The Area Underneath Look Great

If you have a large concrete slab in your yard that you do not use and no longer want, there are many options to remove it. Two of these options are listed below. When you remove the slab, the area underneath the concrete will be in bad shape, however. Fortunately, you can get this area looking healthy again. Below is more information to help you get started with this project.

Avoiding Major Roofing Problems And Damages

Protecting your home from roof damage will require you to be informed and proactive. Unfortunately, a new homeowner will often lack the type of experience that is needed to avoid roofing problems. After you buy your first home, there are some basic steps and tips that will help your roof to avoid many of the most common issues and damages. Check For Drafts Drafts are major problems for roofs, as this will lead to the energy efficiency of the house plummeting, and it can also lead to damage occurring as the gaps that allow the drafts can also allow moisture into the home.